Ravenwood is a hamlet or small town with a population around 800. It gets a lot of travlers and trade. The town has a large number of hunters, loggers and farms. Druids and rangers also take refuge here. There are two small temples of Silvanus (nature god) and Tymora (travel and luck goddess) here. This is a tight nit community where everyone knows everyone. Maybe your a farmer? A student? A hunter? A miner? Or run a small trade? Whatever your background, you have lived here for a number of years or perhaps your whole life.

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Local business:

The Pale Orc Alehouse, ran by Nalah-Tog a half orc~ and his three pretty wenches.

Staggering Helm Tap and Inn, ran by Carell Ironpick~ and his daughter Avalyn.

The Blinking Sage Tradery, ran by Blinken

The Balgraf Smithy, ran by Balgraf

~These NPCs died in the battle of Ravenwood

Currently 9th LEVEL

Forgotten Realms

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