Forgotten Realms

What Happens Next

When you returned to Waterdeep a number of Waterdravian citizens had been abducted, including one of your friends or family member. After a short investigation, you and your companions discerned that the mysterious ‘Shamur’ was behind these kidnappings and more then likely leading the portal activity. When you finally encountered Shamur you discovered that she is a female Eladrin Necromancer from Thay and part of the Black Hand. The Black Hand is a unit that works directly under Szas Tam the Lich king of Thay. After your encounter with her you spoke with the Lords of Waterdeep. One of the Lords suggested leaving the Thay activity completely alone so not to provoke open war with Thay. The rest of the Lords are in agreement to leave the next active portal alone so Thay’s intentions can be revealed.



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